To become a ​more productive person

My first attempt of making Home-made body soap.

I had a wonderful start to the year. I get to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my favorite people and at my favorite city in Tokyo. I still haven’t had a chance to post my Japan trip. We’re too busy traveling to 3 different countries the past few weeks. We had such an awesome time together. As much as I love to travel, getting back to the real world can be tiresome. I haven’t suffered any jet lag but I was fundamentally tired. Feels like I haven’t had a good night sleep in months, but travel is so much fun! And ultimately soul-satisfying especially when you travel with your partner.

This week, there’s too much free time. I got inspired to make body soaps while scrolling through my Pinterest. There are so many varieties and beautiful body soap recipes that you can find on Pinterest. I decided to give it a shot yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m so satisfied and happy with the outcome! It’s really a fun thing to do, as long as you have patience. I decided to make the soap from scratch, so finding all the ingredients and equipment was a challenge.

Jasmine is my second favorite flower and I love the fragrance. I put Jasmine flowers as one of the main ingredient and Shea Butter as the soap base. As you guys know Shea Butter has so many benefits. It is often used as a remedy for dry skin to nourish and moisturize, also works as an anti-inflammatory and beneficial for acne care.

I enjoy the process of creation. I like being fueled by ideas, and see it come to life. My next goal is to complete my unfinished painting. Creativity is contagious. You don’t have to paint or compose music to be creative, it’s in everyday life. I hope you guys find something that is inspiring. Anyways, It’s getting dark outside. Today has been a good day for me. Have a nice weekend everyone! Love.

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