Timeline of my day


Outfit & accessories by barcelonavintageworks


Lately, I’ve been struggling about what to wear. I don’t go shopping as often as I used to anymore. I go out almost every day ever since I’m in Barcelona. It’s such a nightmare for me to be thinking about what to wear. Is it weird for me to say that I hate to wear the same clothes the next day? Unless it’s a working uniform. Well, I guess whatever right, I should live with it for now.

I’m in a process of life transitions. Too many things are going on. I can’t start or decide on anything yet. Not until everything settles down. I want to be innovative by creating or paint something every day. That’s my main goals. For the time being, I should be thrilled about the upcoming possibility of moving to Canada or maybe somewhere else. Again, everything is still up in the air. We’ll see about it. We might celebrate New Year Eve in Tokyo. I can’t wait to fly to my favorite city! I’ll make sure that we take more video this time. Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone! I know it’s 2 days late but I hope you guys had a good time with family and friends. Love.

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