My nighttime skincare routine for glowy and fresh-looking skin!


As promised, today I’m going to share the nighttime skincare routine that I’ve been doing for the past 5 years. When I’m at a young age, I don’t really care about the skincare routine or any beauty regime. I used to be carefree in my early 20s because I never have any sort of problem with acne or breakouts before. Therefore, I only use a cleanser and moisturizer for my face. Once you reached a certain age, your hormones start to change and all of the sudden acne start to pop up out of nowhere. That’s when I start to freak out and change my skincare routine habits. So here I’m going to reveal which product works best for me.



2019-11-25 11.04.05 1.jpg

Usually, after cleansing, I’ll apply toner but if I’m using this serum, I don’t need to use a toner. This is Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid 18% by Dr.Wu. It helps to refine skin textures, diminish fine lines and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Use 2 or 3 times a week only.



2019-11-25 11.04.01 1.jpg

Whoever that knows me well, The Body Shop has always been one of my favorite product. This works as a toner as well. The best part, this one can last quite long as you only need to use a tiny amount. Most of the time, I use it daily after cleansing only if I’m not using the serum by Dr. Wu.



2019-11-25 11.04.06 1.jpg

This one is a must-have on my routine! another amazing product by The Body Shop. I must say this product is a bit expensive but it works great on my skin. I’ve been using these Drops Of Youth for more than 2 years now. I love it that it is fast-absorbing into the skin once applied. Also, I can feel my skin looks fresher and tightened in the morning.



2019-11-25 11.04.10 1.jpg

My huge problem is my eyebags. I was born with it, so I can’t really do much about it but Avène eye cream works incredibly amazing for my eyebags! It helps to reduce my eyebags puffiness for at least around 80% which I’m so thankful for.



2019-11-25 11.04.08 1.jpg

Finally, for the last steps, never ever forget to use your moisturizer! I highly recommend this sleeping cream by Simple if you have sensitive skin type. With regular use, it boosts the skin’s natural hydration process, for healthy-looking skin. But I wish it came in a huge bottle 😜

Thank you for reading. Catch you guys on my next post! Love, A



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