I know It’s weird but..

This area is considered my favorite spot in the apartment.

Issey’s painting by the wall, and his weakness for Rimowa & tripod. haha






I really miss our apartment in Kuala Lumpur. Even though it’s considered storage and also a place for us to stay when we go back to Malaysia. All of the furniture has sentimental values. That’s because most of the furniture was design by Issey (my boyfriend) himself and I’m pretty much just say yes or no if I don’t like the design (I like his design all the time) or measurements, haha. One of the reasons why he’s quite annoyed with me because I don’t participate much in the process. My bad, I’m just too busy and feeling tired all the time when I was still working as a Stewardess. Hey, don’t judge me kay? My world was upside down at that time but I liked that job.

Whatever it is Interior designs is one of my favorite things and that includes Arts & Architectures. The things that I missed the most is my makeup table! the one that Issey gave to me for my 26th birthday present last August. I wish I could bring it everywhere with me but I just can’t because it’s too heavy and there are too many makeups in it. So.. goodbye makeup table, wait for me till’ we figure it out.

I still haven’t got used with this new place in Barcelona. I know we have such a sick apartment at Diagonal with Sagrada Familia view. But most of my stuff still in Kuala Lumpur. I hope we can sort that out soon. Well, I’m gonna go take a break, maybe breathe some fresh air. I was wondering if you guys can give me any suggestion about what to cook for dinner? lack of ideas about what to cook these days, please leave me a comment down below! and have a nice day guys! Love A.

2 thoughts on “I know It’s weird but..

  1. Hey babe, I enjoyed reading up your blog. It’s interesting and exciting to read. It get me thinking about how you can do all of this. Living in different country and learn the culture. It makes me want to be in another place too. Wish I can drop everything and leave. 😏 I think be a nomad it looks fun. Anyway, if you feeling homesick and no idea what to cook maybe you can make asam pedas ikan with side dish of mixed vegetables πŸ˜‰ I’d love to give you the recipe but I’m no cook.. lol

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    1. Hi babe! I really appreciate your time for reading up my blog. It meant so much to me πŸ™‚ It’s a nice feeling when you get to travel and stay in a different country. I’ve always been dreaming to live a life like this. Anyways, thank you for the food suggestion, I’ll look up for the recipe! but to find Malay cuisine ingredients here is quite difficult, well, let’s see what I can get. By the way, thanks again for dropping by! :*


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