When I feel a little down, I put on my favorite high heels

Outfit by Barcelonavintageworks


Looking for the perfect dresses for an event? Currently, Barcelonavintageworks is doing a huge Sayonara sale/clearance at their shop in C/Mila i Fontanals 39, Barcelona, Spain 08012. Apparently, they’re going to move to a new location. I can guarantee that you guys gonna love her styles. In her shop, you’ll find varieties of dresses and other functional clothing. If you need any help regarding styles or dresses she’ll definitely help you out. She also does clothes alterations. In case you need a dress to fit your body nicely if you buy from her shop. You guys should go check out her shop if you’re around Barcelona.

By the way, in early January I might be going to Japan for a snowboarding again! I’m not sure when but we’ll go see Issey’s friends and oh, Paris and Rafa also gonna be there. We’ll be joining them for snowboarding. Stay tuned guys! I’ll spam ya’ll with my Japan photo trip next. haha. Anyways, hope you guys have a nice Monday. I’ll catch you guys soon on my next post! Love A.

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