Current love : “Barcelona Bag” -drawstring backpack

I think it has been almost a week since my last post. I was hoping that I can squeeze in more time in my schedule for blogging, because I would love to share about my daily life & daily routine with you guys. I get so frustrated with myself sometimes when I don’t have time to blog. I always blame the timing because of my packed schedule and other stuff. I hope I can be more consistent.

Today I wanted to share with you guys about this convenient drawstring backpack that I currently is in love with! It’s so simple and easy to match with almost all of my everyday outfits. The best thing that I like about this is that no matter how many items I throw in this bag, it simply doesn’t weigh me down. Which is the best thing for me, because whenever I carry a heavy bagpack I always get shoulder pains which we all hate.

This drawstring backpack, called “Barcelona Bag” is adjustable and it’s handmade with soft leather. It also comes in various colours. You guys should go check out this cool vintage shop in Barcelona, Gracia area. Their instagram is @barcelonavintageworks. They have a lot of cool collection of clothes and handmade bags too, even jewellery with industrial materials. I actually did a little research. The owner is a lady, Yoshiko Nakajima, who used to work with Issey Miyake. She currently travels the world and finds her own statement of fashion. Some she makes, some she fixes and some she remixes into her own original story.

Well, I guess that’s it for today, I hope I’ll catch you guys in a few days. Have a nice day everyone! Love, A

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