What’s in my working bag !


Hello guys! Hope you’re having a great day. I’m gonna share a real quick snapshot of what’s in my work bag. I’ve bin real busy flying these day, I have a back to back night stops which sucks and is tiring due to its minimum rest. Once I get home I literally pass out.

I’ve been thinking about posting this for quite awhile, I hope this is interesting to share with you guys! So I’ve bin using this bag the past 4 years, I change it once…. actually I had to change it, as it looked as if it has bin attacked by a starving animal.


Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: I’ll go crazy if I left my phone, this is half of my life, as to others.

My Wallet: I bought this from Atmosphere (Primark), I prefer small wallet.

Perfume: HoneyMania from The Body Shop, it’s a must have in my every bag!

Face mist: Grape water for hydrate, soothes and moisturizes. Our face will look like a zombie after 3 hours of flight. This is so amazing! I bought this at Sephora.

Passport: This is a mandatory item, the cover is from H&M.

Orange looking book with Firefly in front: Mandatory item also, must bring this all the time on every flight, this is like our safety check book.

Tally Counter: Mandatory item no 3.

Name Tag: This is my extra name tag incase the one I’m using gets broken or lost.

Flashlight: Mandatory item no 4, this is for emergency or anything pertaining to emergency.

Lucido-L: Hair wax, the small round pink looking container. This is my life saviour when my hair is out of place during the flight. I don’t like to use hair spray as it causes hair fall.

Pills: Panadol & my supplements . I took Q10 Bio life, Fish oil and also Chicken Essence for energy.

Estee Lauder Compact: I rarely use this because the cover has a mirror effect which comes in handy especially if I’m in a hurry.

Sephora Compact: I love the colour but I’ve been using this just as a bronze haha.

Black Gel Pen: A must have, at least one. Most passengers end up taking mine home.

Furla Beauty Pouch: My easy access make up kit.


So yeah, that’s it I guess for today. Actually there’s a lot more, but I think I’ll leave it there for “what’s in my bag” post. What’s in your working bag? I would love to know too! Anyway, I’m gonna hit the sack now, early morning flight again tomorrow. Thanks for reading! Love, A