EMS training with Vision Body

Yesterday was my first time training at Vision Body. What attracted me is that for somebody with a hectic schedule you can get in an intense (approximately) 2 hours session into a 35 minutes workout. As they say “it’s quality not quantity”. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. EMS enables deep muscle penetration, activating and engaging them. And basically you fight through the burn. To do 1 sit up is equivalent to 10 sit ups. Same for planks.

Imagine how I feel now after all these workouts. I can’t feel my legs and butt today, even just to sit down is such a challenge. The struggle is real. But I must say the training is worth the pain. You got to push the limit in order for the muscle to go to the next level. You guys can go check out their instagram VisionBody Malaysia. For me, It’s been a great experience.