If you could escape for a day, where would you rather be?

Tanjong Jara Resort, Dungun

Yesterday, we escaped. Finally, we got out from the hectic city for a day. It’s so refreshing. Tanjong Jara Resort has always been our favorite spot for our short getaway. We’ve been here for more than 6 times and we can’t get enough of this place. By car, it’s going to take you 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur, depending on the traffic. It’s actually a nice drive, with great views of the mountains and plenty of palm trees. Apparently, as of now it is monsoon season. The weather can be unpredictable. We’re lucky as we didn’t see any rain.

However, around this time of the year, the price rates are lower. It’s better to book from their website and check out for their special offers, if you decide to stay for more than 1 night. If it’s just for a night, I recommend you to book from Booking.com as they are going to give you a flat rate. At Tanjong Jara Resort, they also provide a different kind of activities such as yoga sessions, spa treatment, snorkeling, dive programmes, traditional handicraft classes and many more.

We love it here. Chilling by the beach and listen to the waves are the best thing! That’s why to have a beach house is our dream. I would rather be close to the beach than the city. So, if you could escape for a day, where would you rather be?