Freeman Face Mask ‘review’, my all-time favorite!

My top 3 favorite masks from FREEMAN 

First of all, this is not a paid review. I’m officially trying it out on myself. I also bought the products myself.

Months ago, I’ve been trying out new skincare routines. I’ve been adding a facial mask as my daily ‘a must-have’ in the routine. I’ve discovered that using a facial mask after cleansing your face can give you a fresh-looking skin, also your acne will dry up very quickly. Before this, I’ve been using these masks only once or twice a week and I don’t see any changes or differences on my skin.

After I started out by using these masks daily, I see lots of improvement for my skin. I used to have a frequent break out if I don’t get enough sleep or stressed out. Recently, my skin has a better complexion even my acne scars are fading. This facial mask worked wonders for my skin! I suggested you guys use the clay mask if you wanted the acne to dry up faster and for a fresh-looking skin, gel mask + scrub is the best.

I honestly think the Freeman face mask product is the best I ever had so far. The price is very reasonable, which makes it affordable for the students to buy it too. Last but not least, I’ll update you guys about my new skincare routine. Hopefully on my next post. Thank you for reading! Love, A

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