Adventurous but cautious and careful


It has been a crazy week for me. We went to Andorra on Monday, early in the morning just to be there before it gets dark. At least, we’ll get a good 2 to 3 hours of snowboarding. Besides, it was my first time on a snowboard. You can imagine how many times I’ve fallen on my knees and butt. On the next day, my whole body just aching like crazy. I can’t even move my arms haha.. but it was fun. I enjoyed snowboarding a lot. Definitely gonna come back here again! I also like their little town. It’s so beautiful and surrounded by mountains. Such a nice place for a short getaway. We had to head back to Barcelona on the next day as Issey’s good friends were coming over to our place. However, ours 2 days and 1 night trip were not bad at all. We all had a good time together. Anyways, I gotta go make dinner. Love A


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