Blue fun fur vest! #ootd


I love this blue fur vest! it’s compliment the outfit that I’m wearing right now.



Vest: barcelonavintageworks // Top: H&M // Jeans: Topshop // Heels: Diana

It’s just another casual Wednesday, but today I had a fun photo shooting with Barcelonavintageworks. She curate quality designer clothes and some are up-cycled for an individual statement. I can say I love all of her clothes! especially her collections of fur jackets and vests. Moreover, all of her clothes are affordable. She even does a worldwide shipping. Apparently, she’s doing a huge sales right now till the end of December because she’s thinking about moving to a better location in Barcelona city center. If you guys want to know more, you can go and check out her Instagram profile at barcelonavintageworks. I guess that’s it for today, catch you guys soon! love.

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