Untouched paradise

Living life spontaneously by far more exciting. We end up going to Perhentian Island. Too bad we only go for 2 days and 1 night. This time we went to the protected beach, Turtle Bay. A place for Leatherback Turtle nesting. The crystal blue water and powdered white sand is a true natural beauty. Make sure to bring your own picnic essentials as it’s a great spot to enjoy the untouched paradise. (Always take care of your littler, to prolong this nature. As you can see some don’t 😤😢) Snorkeling here is great, if your lucky you can spot some turtles, reef sharks, humphead parrot fish and the usual tropical fishes. 3 hours on the beach went real quick, and before we knew it our pick up boat taxi arrived. It’s one of our favorite beaches.
Love, A.

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