My beach essentials item from H&M!

Last friday, I went to H&M just to do some window shopping, but then I end up buying this 4 items. I can’t help it, it’s so tempting not to buy!
Plus, I’m going to Cherating the next weekend for a short getaway and we gonna stay at Royale Chulan. Anyway, I’ll update about it in my next blog. I think all this items is perfect for the beach day for me.

Nail polish

Omg, I love this nail colors so much! And these colors is my favorite too. It also have this beach vibe feeling. The code for this nail polish is Choc Melt and Copper Penny. Even the name of it sounds good to me.

Hair Spray

This is a must have for me! Especially for a beach day. This salt water spray give off such a nice smell because it contains organic aloe vera for hydration, care and essential oils for a subtle cedarwood patchouli fragrance. It also adds texture for a natural and matte look for my hair.


Definitely yeah yeah yeah for the beach! Loving it too much. Color code is Dawnlight. It adds a nice and natural glow. I also like to smooth it onto my shoulders.

I think that’s it for today, Love A.

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