Black & Gold pleats combo

Top: Topshop

Pants: Issey Miyake

Bag: Alexander McQueen

Shoes: Charles Keith

Accessories: Fitbit


Sunday mood on! Just a quick post about my outfits of the day. Currently I’m obsessed with pleats design by Issey Miyake. I like to pair my ‘pleats’ pants with a simple top. Simple is always the best for me, as they say, ‘Less is More’. Apparently, Issey Miyake is well known for his unique “garment pleating” technique where the materials are developed from a single thread and pleats are added after sewing the clothes into its shapes. What I like most about these pants are that, they’re light, wrinkle proof and comfortable with a versatility that makes them suitable for all settings in my daily life.

And to add, the name Issey is such an awesome name (my boyfriend made me write that in, as his name is Issey) haha. In kanji it means ‘One Life’.


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