Perhentian Island, Terengganu 

Photos from Perhentian Island
Photos from Perhentian Island

I enjoy my day off to the fullest! Yes, that’s what I always do. I’ve been through quite a hectic week as usual, not complaining about it. I’m blessed but sometimes a pack flying schedule makes me so exhausted and sleepless. The only way to lift up myself is by doing a regular exercise to avoid tiredness, and a getaway like this to improve my mood and my inner self. A good food also can make me happy. Perhentian is such a beautiful island with a crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. I went for a snorkeling, I must say it was amazing with a beautiful corals and I saw a squid for the first time ever! too bad I don’t get a chance to capture it because it disappear so fast! Haha.. I stayed at Bubu Villa it such a nice place, I really recommend this place for you to stay. This place is also located quite central, so it’s a easy access, nearby a cool bar for you to chill at night. Anyway, thanks for reading, it’s not much but I’ll try to take more picture next time. Have a good day! Love, A

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