Copper Obsession

                           Source: Pinterest 

Hi, so here some inspiration for my apartment. Currently I’m so obsessed with copper. It stands out so much with marble, black or even cement flooring it’s such a prefect combo. I was thinking about to do something similar for the new apartment if we move out from this place next year. I do love this place, because of the open concept, and I’ll definitely going to do the same for the next apartment that we gonna move in. The reason why I love open space because it gives you a lot more options for interior design. So back to my current obsession, the copper light is a must have for me! I’m so crazy about copper now. I found a small shop in Barcelona who makes custom copper pipes, the coolest thing about it is you can give your own design on how you want it to be and they’ll make it for you. You guys can go check out his works on Instagram @industrialartxpression. I hope this information is useful. Anyway thank you for reading my blog, I’ve been struggling with my flying schedule again, and hoping that I can update more blog every single week, maybe for now I’ll try to update twice a week. Have a nice day! Love, A

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