A little throwback, finally I get a day off after 6 days of working. So happy to be back here. I was thinking to blog yesterday but I was too tired and I kind of want to just chill and relax after a long week of working. So we drove up to Setiu, one of our spots outside Terengganu town. There’s not many people come to this area, so I think it’ll be nice to camp here as you’ll have a little privacy and get to enjoy the ocean breezes in silence with a beautiful sunset, and maybe next time we will come again and camping! Yes, I’m so excited and looking forward for it. I’ll surely gonna update and blog about it. Lately, my flying schedule was pretty packed and I don’t get a chance to go for a holiday. But a little getaway like this couldn’t make me any happier. Anyway I’m going to make some tea and start to pack, as tomorrow I’m off to work again. Thanks for reading, and hope you guys enjoy your Friday! Love, A

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