HOME #ArtStudio Apartment 

We got the Rimowa Beauty Case for our dining table! Now that’s my current favorite item in our studio apartment. We also have the Rimowa 2 Wheel Cabin Topaz that we put on top of the pallet. As you guys can see, I don’t like too many furniture in my apartment, I prefer it to be simple and on point. All the artwork on the wall was painted by my boyfriend. We both love art and design so much, we also design our own furniture for the apartment.

The mirror is design by him, it’s for me to use for my daily makeup routine and to check my grooming before off to work and after? Haha.. Yeah I might sound weird but I always check my grooming even after the long day of working. It also make the bedroom to appear slightly bigger which is nice.

My favorite part of the apartment is the kitchen! Because I love to cook! I could sit there for an hour just to make a new recipe or cooking while watching my favorite tv shows hehe…so convenient right. I was thinking about getting quite a few things for my kitchen. Well I guess that’s it for now, I’ll update more about the interior. Love, A

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